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I. Why Residency Program at Ruang MES 56?
As an institution concerns on the development of photo-based medium, either in the scope of theory and practice, Ruang MES 56 sees the importance of ability to share knowledge, experience and point of view with people around the world. Artist residency  program has a promising capability especially on the reality that there is a process of direct dialogue amongst the artist in residence, MES 56, and the local art scene. The dialogue gives all of us a chance to see and understand each other and increase self-capacity either as an artist or arts practitioner, audience, and the most important is as a human being, who lives in a world full of diversity.

II. Program Outline

1. How many accepted applicants per year?
Not more than 3 every year.

2. How long is the residency?
Residency duration is varied, from 1-4 months. Our recommended months are March until November. We will give explanation and further detail about the duration or the residency date for the accepted applicant.

3. Who can apply?

  • Visual artist, writer, art historian, curator, scholar/ researcher from around the world whom already have experience in presenting their artwork and/ or activities with the potential for future development in their (art) field.
  • Speak English or basic Bahasa for daily communication.

 NOTE:  Ruang MES 56 do not provide travel cost, living allowance, and production of works . Accommodation, assistant, residency program cost is to be borne by the applicants. The accepted applicants must find their own sponsor/ grant.

Cost illustration:

  1. Accommodation: Single simple room: IDR. 2,000,000/ month
  2. Assistant (with a motorcycle) at 25 hrs/ week: IDR. 1,500,000/ month
  3. Residency Program: IDR 10,000,000/ month

4. What you have to do during the Residency Program

  • Presentation
    Presentation to introduce the artist and their previous art works/ projects to the local art community.
  • Exhibition/ Open Studio/ Final Presentation
    The projects/ works/ research made during the residency will be presented at Ruang MES 56 in the form of exhibition or talk/ presentation, in the end of the residency period.

5. Ruang MES 56 will provide:

  • Studio or working space, shared with MES 56 members, and internet connection.
  • Direction, supervision, guidance to the residency program
  • Networking connection to MES 56 friends and colleagues
  • Facilitating Presentation, Workshop and Exhibition.
  • Paperwork support: Letter of Invitation and Recommendation for Visa Application and Grant Proposal.

NOTE: There is no basic equipment provided in the studio/ working space, i.e: camera, darkroom, computer for photo/ video editing, laptop. Ruang MES 56 strongly suggests the accepted applicants to bring their own equipment.

6. How to apply:

  • Download and fill the application form.
  • Portfolio (for visual artist: consist minimum 10 image of works for writer, scholar, researcher: minimum 4 published essays, articles/ writings) and CV.
  • 2 letters of recommendation (please include the contacts detail: email, phone number).

We only accept email application. Send the application form and all the required documents (in PDF and not exceed 10 MB) to: with the email subject Residency Application. We will not review any applications which not fulfill the required documents.

Download the application form

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